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I wasn't able to get very far but I enjoyed what I got to see. I liked the multiple paths I could take especially since it meant a wrong move didn't mean it was over right away.
Having to switch my right hand from the arrow keys to my mouse was a bit awkward though especially in a game where you have to restart a lot as you learn the level. I saw that S was mapped to down as well, but up wasn't mapped to W, if WASD keys were also a control option, having to switch to the mouse might have been a bit easier as I can keep my hands on both. Either that or using a key that's close to the arrows so I can restart right away.

massillonmakers responds:

Thanks for your feedback, we will do all the possible to give you the possibilty to restart the game without changing hand... This game is not finished yet so it is totally normal that you are experiencing some bugs and other weird experiences. In 1 or 2 days a final result of the game will be availible with a bit easier map... Hope you will stay tuned for when it comes out!

Super cute city builder! I love how beautiful and relaxed the island is and I had a ton of fun buidling!

Congrats on your first game, I think the idea behind it is really nice. I wish I had a little music while playing, as is, it feels a little empty without it. I also wish I didn't have to use my mouse to start the ball.

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frontpage lets goooooooooooooooooooo

sounds sicc my dude!

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I love the energy of the poses, very fun!

Risenshiney responds:

Hey thank you!!✨

damn that grass looks like i'd be stepping in legos yo

Really like the colours and texture in the water!

💖✨ I love working with lots of colour! Currently developing a 2D fighting game RPG called Another Day!


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